Friday, April 1, 2011

first time interview..=D..

mmg tak boleh blah lg r doe td..
nervous gilaa la td...=S
sampai words aku sndri pown aku ter'ulang'..hahahaha..
pape pown bnda nie laa yg bg aku experience in looking on office job..
daa laa dgn selekeh nyer td aku dtg..japgy kne gelak gan bf aku nie coz bju aku tak kne...hahahaha..
aku no idea kowt for what should i wear for that interview..hahaha..
last2 aku pkai jeans hitam then dgn kmeja wane pink..=S..
*sgt selekeh an>>*
so for the first interview..i and my bf are past it..
so now we have to get ready for our sconds intrview..
means the final that who'll be choose for that jobs..=p..
nervous seyhh..=)
gudluck for me yaw...n gudlucks for him too..^____^

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