Saturday, April 9, 2011

i love u so much laa bie..=')

i love u so much laa bie..=)..
thanks bcoz u have been patient with me from all time..
from the day we know each one..
from the day we start declared as 'couple'..
im sory for before this im treated u so bad..
but deep in my heart i really love you and i need u..
but sometimes my ego's and my heart are miserable..
and that make me do something messy..
but u're the one that i found and looked for..
the one who really care of me..
the one who really love me..
the one who can stand with my behavior..
the one who success to win my heart back..
i really love u..
and i'll always miss u bie..=)
i dont want us to be far apart ukey..
u're the only one light my life..=P..
and now im counting for the first anniversary for us..=)
i cant wait for that time laa bie..=)

You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, my bie. That's where I'll be waiting.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

wahhh..bestnyer..=)..lg 1 exprience..=D

best last aku dpt tido dgn lamanya dan bgon late mcm byase..=D..
kalau tak kena bgon pg3 taw..=(..
alkisah nye begini..
4,5,6 apr aku dpt job tok jdik pelakon EKSTRA jew ea..
tok satu drama nie..nama nye ialah AHMAD ALBOB..hahhahhahah..=)
peh bru first time laa aku mencuba benda2 nie..B)..
igt an simple jeww..rupa2 nya susah jgak an..fuhhh..=o..
utk 3days yg berturut3 tu aku kena bgon kul 5 than pkul 5lbeyh da kena gerak da
gy tmpat tu..huhh..
mmg tak cukup tido laa kan..=S..
dgn sampai rumah mlm nyer...PENATTT sgt doe..-____-
tp aku nye job simple jeww..just tok meramai an org jew..=) least aku ada la gak experience tok bnda2 bru nie..
dan aku dpt kenal cara3 dan lifestyle org mcm diaorang..=P
yg best nye aku dpt meet new guys more and got a exprience..
hmm ada tu aku tak brape minat laa gan lifestyle dorg coz lifestyle each people differ ann...=)
pape pown aku STILL lg diri aku dan aku bkn nk kejar POPULAR or ape k..
just suka2 utk side income..=)..
aku just berminat nk jdik model muslimah jew k..
t pic3 akan aku upload kn k..=) aku nk kne get ready uk driving aku sat jew lg..=D..

Monday, April 4, 2011

i know myself better ukeyh!!just let me do anything..

excuse me!!
i know better about me ukeyh!!
so please stop like u know me well ukeyh!!
im just being me!!
and im selfish if it is good things for me!!
and yes i have my ego's!!
so im sorry if being like this to you..=)
that's my way k..
and no one can change it!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

luahan hati..=S..ngekss..

salah aku juga ke??if aku tak kesah pasal kau..?
da aku di ajar utk tak kesah perasaan org an..=)
salah aku juga ke??if aku masih dendam gan boys..?
da boys yg mengajar aku erti dendam an..=)
salah aku juga ke??if aku mem-busy-an diri aku??
da aku di ajar utk mem-busy-an diri aku..=)
salah aku juga ke??if aku tak cerita pape kt kau??
da aku di ajar utk tidak mempercayai kau..=)
salah aku juga ke??if aku pendam an perasaan dan masalah aku??
da aku sorang je yg faham diri aku..=)
HANYA DIRI AKU saja yg faham diri AKU..

new guys..=D...

today was my happy day..
even though just for a moment..
but for me it is very valuely for me..=D..
guys noe wat??
for the first time im went to the relaxing place that differ from the others..
usually i'll go to spa,beach,shopping,park and lake..
but for today i've been to Sg.Gabai..
for my entire life..
i've never been to the place like that bcoz my family doesnt like that place..
i've heard the place before..but im not interested..
suddenly my 'gmoks' ask me to go thre with his friends..
bcoz he wants me to get noe his friends..
it's supposed to have more people but they have something to do..
so juz be 6 of us..=)
and for the long time i've been wait for hang out with my bfff at such this place..=D
thanks sygs coz willing to accompany me today..=*
AND for the first time too..--_____--
i've been learn how to make BBQ at thre by themm..=P
it's so lovely seyhh..
from that i learn how to cooking that things..=)..hahaha..
thanks guys coz yall are showimg patience to me n my bfff..^__^..
erm even doesnt have people take charge of this place..
but for me it is a place that make me calm..
bcoz it's a nature place..and life green..=)
but the most things that i'll rmmber is the time that im and kyky go up stairs..
WHOAAA!!thats so tired..-___-..but it's still best things lol..^__^
okeyhh now i'll show some picture here ukeyhh..=)
have a nice see..nggeee..=p

this me..=)

this bfff..=)

this my 'gmoks bie'..=p

these my bf frens and now they also my frens..=D

k tatatataa..=D