Sunday, April 3, 2011

new guys..=D...

today was my happy day..
even though just for a moment..
but for me it is very valuely for me..=D..
guys noe wat??
for the first time im went to the relaxing place that differ from the others..
usually i'll go to spa,beach,shopping,park and lake..
but for today i've been to Sg.Gabai..
for my entire life..
i've never been to the place like that bcoz my family doesnt like that place..
i've heard the place before..but im not interested..
suddenly my 'gmoks' ask me to go thre with his friends..
bcoz he wants me to get noe his friends..
it's supposed to have more people but they have something to do..
so juz be 6 of us..=)
and for the long time i've been wait for hang out with my bfff at such this place..=D
thanks sygs coz willing to accompany me today..=*
AND for the first time too..--_____--
i've been learn how to make BBQ at thre by themm..=P
it's so lovely seyhh..
from that i learn how to cooking that things..=)..hahaha..
thanks guys coz yall are showimg patience to me n my bfff..^__^..
erm even doesnt have people take charge of this place..
but for me it is a place that make me calm..
bcoz it's a nature place..and life green..=)
but the most things that i'll rmmber is the time that im and kyky go up stairs..
WHOAAA!!thats so tired..-___-..but it's still best things lol..^__^
okeyhh now i'll show some picture here ukeyhh..=)
have a nice see..nggeee..=p

this me..=)

this bfff..=)

this my 'gmoks bie'..=p

these my bf frens and now they also my frens..=D

k tatatataa..=D

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