Wednesday, March 16, 2011


happy face..*prasann*

finallyyyyyy i got it for the long time i want this cam..huhuhuhu..=)
eventhough not like others camera DSLR k..but for me this the one i really ant mostt...hehehehe..PINK fav colour..
i got it before im went to my 'kampung'..huhuhu..
actually dat day was friday at 11mac..starting day for a KARNIVAL PENDIDIKAN MARA fair at PWTC..first thing when im walked into PWTC i saw many fairs are held thre too..then walking and walking im found FOTOKEM fair at thre..WHOOAA!!dats mke me so excited for look around the fair..hmmm..finally i saw what i want but i can't bought it bcoz im not bring the moneyyy,,-____-..dat time i felt soo in sorrow coz i thought i can't bought it..buttt..
after i went to KARNIVAL PENDIDIKAN MARA fair..
i and my friend went to THE MALL for eating..while my friend are buying the food..i called my dad and that time he was in meeting but he went out for me awhile then talked with me and i told him about the FOTOKEM fair and his okey about i want dat cam...and he said before we went to my aunty house at Puncak Alam..we would went thre and bought so happy and thanked to my dad..^_^..i love you laa MAMA&ABAH..
actually i want buy it by myself when i got my money but my job so latee..and i dont get my earn..huhh..but the time i told my dad bout it i thought he would mad with me but his okeyy at the end..
the ENDDDDDD........^_______^

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