Monday, April 18, 2011


im sory coz made a fool decision..
i need u more doe..
u can see rite how do am i look when we see just now..
it's feel so hurting me..
im like crazy dat time..
i dont mean it..
im grateful coz u still gave me a chance..=')
and just now u told me about someone n ur mum..
why should u told her about wat hapen to us..
u make me down back..and it's hurting me..
it's supposed to be between us only..
i dont care if u tell to ur frens but im care if u tell ur mum bout us..
it makes me feel humiliated u noe..
how do i to see ur mum again after this??
i thought our probs are settle but im wrong bout it..
i dont know what in ur heart..huhh.-__-
u can go on with ur 'old' frens k..=')

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